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Movie Box is one of my favorite and probably most used app on iPad.

Movie Box is better than Netflix, Hulu and all other streaming apps combined.

) but you can still get the app from and because the app is so awesome & does better job than (Netflix, Hulu etc.

Edit; oops, should have read previous post :P.

You can add the movies and shows to your library to watch later.

So, if you can t find the app I ll post the apk here and you can sideload it on your Android device).

Originally Posted by Eldrick In reading about it, I suppose the value is that one can download a video file for offline watching - which is not yet functional through.

I have a 2 TB portable drive for the box and a 32 gig sd card.

In Movie Box you can watch movies, shows and music videos instantly.

And is free, they are getting constant takedown notice.

I love show box, but as near as I can tell there's no way to tell it where you want the downloads to go.

A few days ago, the developer launched a lite version of Movie Box for Android call Show Box, it has only shows as of right now but I expect that.

Become a member to get full access If you like this book please say it Fancy's Show-box Please click on the file title or click the gree download button to.

Your iOS device needs to be jailbroken in order to run Movie Box.

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You have the option to either stream the movie or download and watch it.

Showbox Download

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